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Turkey Travel Guide

Kas ( Antalya / Kaş )

 Kas, one of the most famous tourist resorts along the southern coast of Turkey. But it is also famous from the historic point of view because Kas was originally the ancient town of Antiphellus, harbour of the town of Phellus which stood in front of it. Kas was once known, only the Lycian rock cut tombs and sarcophagi are left. Founded during the 6th century B.C., it soon become an important trading port and, wood exporting port from the green forest that covered Lycia.

On the top of the hill, offering a view over the creeks and inlets, stands a Theatre built during the 1st century B.C. Today also can be seen the charm of the town remains, and it is a pleasure to wander through the streets, stopping to examine souvenir shops that offer Turkish handicrafts, leather goods, copper and silver items of course inevitable handmade carpets. Kas also offers you very nice rooms with its in-located hotels, cheap motels and pensions and delicious Fish restaurants offers you a Sea variety with Calamar and wines.




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