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      Accommodation  / Touristic Activities  / Photo Frames with Region       ( Kalkan  -  Kaş )


Turkey Travel Guide

Professional Tours and Events:

History of the region of Lycia Lycian City Tours.

Blue Tour, Boat Tours

Lycian Way

Horse and Donkey Tours

Water Sports (Diving - Jetsiki - Ringo - Banana)


Reserved urban canyon hiking

Jeep Saffari

Kayaking Tour


Custom Tours and Private Events:

Individual and family activities, special tours

village cultural  tours

make and taste  your own  wine from regional Margaz   grapes

Specific to the region of olive oil and your own soap, do you yourself


testing  the regional products   

Private hobby gardens

Village Life

Camel Wrestling , Oil Wrestling and regional events

Beach  Activities in   Patara sunset

The village of Safra and entertainment

Club Events (Halı field games, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis tournaments, climbing, Hiking)



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